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Having a personal pension plan offers numerous benefits that contribute to a secure and comfortable retirement. Firstly, a personal pension plan allows individuals to save for their future by making regular contributions, which can be tailored to their financial capacity and retirement goals. These contributions are usually tax-efficient, providing tax relief on the amount invested. Over time, the pension fund grows through investment returns, compounding the savings and potentially generating significant growth. Secondly, personal pension plans offer flexibility and control. Individuals can choose how their pension fund is invested, based on their risk tolerance and investment preferences. This allows them to tailor their investment strategy to maximise potential returns.

We have a team of dedicated advisers that can assess your current cover and compare it to our policies, both in terms of cover and price and strive to get you the best deal. It is very important to look at both, as getting the right cover is just as important as a low price. Here at Lehanes we have been doing this since 1979.

Take the stress out of your future!

The key to a successful and happy retirement is to make sure that, when the time comes, you will have an adequate income, so you owe it to yourself to make sure you don’t shortchange your future!

Personal pension plans provide a reliable source of income during retirement. Depending on the plan chosen, individuals can receive regular payments or access their pension fund as a lump sum, providing financial security and independence. Overall, having a personal pension plan empowers individuals to take charge of their retirement savings, enjoy tax advantages, and secure a comfortable future.

Here at Lehanes, our policies can cover the following:

  • Personal Pension Plans
  • Personal Retirement Savings Accounts
  • Company Pension Schemes

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