Income Protection Insurance Ireland

Having income protection insurance is of utmost importance in today’s unpredictable world. This type of insurance provides a safety net for individuals in the event of unexpected circumstances that render them unable to work and earn their regular income. Whether it’s due to an illness, injury, or disability, income protection insurance ensures that a person can continue to meet their financial obligations and maintain their standard of living in Ireland. It provides a regular income stream to cover essential expenses such as mortgage or rent, bills, and daily living expenses.

We have a team of dedicated advisers that can assess your current cover and compare it to our policies, both in terms of cover and price and strive to get you the best deal. It is very important to look at both, as getting the right cover is just as important as a low price. Here at Lehanes we have been doing this since 1979.

Why take out Income Protection Insurance?

Income Protection Insurance offers security, peace of mind, and stability during challenging times, allowing individuals to focus on their recovery without worrying about their financial well-being. By safeguarding one’s income, this insurance provides a crucial lifeline and helps individuals and their families maintain financial stability and protect their long-term goals.

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